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We would have to do that in a certified kitchen here as well.  I do have lovely horseradish though and it makes for nice gifts at holidays if you make it into sauce, which is all I've ever done.  Should really try to market it, it seems to love our climate here, yet few people seem interested in buying it in it's natural state.

Barb in CO
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    This was my first year to sell horseradish. I didn’t sell roots, but ground it up, added a little vinegar, a dab of water and a very small dab of salt. I don’t know how to make a nice sauce with it, so I just sold it this way. I sold it for $5 for a 4 oz jar. I sold quite a few Sunday.

  In New York I suspect you would need a processing license to do that. (Though you could have sold me a couple of them anyway . . . )

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