[Market-farming] Adding a new market day during the week

Debbie Moore caverdjmoore at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 22 12:34:08 EDT 2009

Here are some things that come to mind  for me --

> 1) Will this take away from our business on Saturday morning?? Example if
> you sell $100 on Saturday.? Now will you now sell $50 on Wednesday and
> $50 on Saturday?

I am in a rural area but there are a lot of office people who begged us to do a mid-week market because they do not come into town on Saturday mornings. Presumably, this would give us two different demographics to advertise to. If you can successfully advertise to the people getting off work who may not attend the concerts, and then those that will attend the concerts, you may have a couple different marketing strategies, neither one of which may include Saturday buyers...

>  2) What happens when there are only a few vendors who could make this
> market? I am one of the larger vendors. I already go to another town and
> sell on Wednesday. I would stop going to that market and stay home.
>  It would save me 1.5 hours on the road a week and $$$ in gas.

In my opinion it's a crap shoot, until the new market gets established and you can get a good feel for time and gas $ to see which fits better. The key is "until it gets established". It depends on the math and time.

 > 3) Does adding a market day during the year make sense?? Are we just
 > chasing the money?

Again, it depends on the marketing of the market. If you have different demographics, by all means yes! However, (and I deleted the email with your projected hours vs. the concert) what items would concert-goers want to hang on to through-out the concert? Who are the concert goers? Do people leave directly from work to go to the concert?

In the end, we put flyers in the buildings of office people and ran ads in the local paper, and tried the market for two months only as a test.  We scheduled it for a night that the vendors did not have to choose between downtown or a neighboring community as most of the vendors do other mid-week markets. Hope this helps.

west central Ohio
zone 5

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