[Market-farming] baby spinach varieties

Joel Cahalan joel at chears.org
Fri Jun 12 14:00:12 EDT 2009

Hello All,
I am trying to decide on a spinach variety or varieties to start planting in
August  to harvest as baby from Sept through November and later if
possible.  I need to get about 30 lbs a week and don't have a lot of space.
So far I am considering Renegade or Tarpy from High Mowing and Emu and Space
from Johnnys(unfortunately these are not available as organic seed so may be
hard to justify with certificd).  Anyone have experience with these or other
varieties?  I am particularly interested in cultural practices people have
had good success with and what yields to expect.  Also after harvesting with
a knife for a while I am thinking about the sawblade basket Johnnies sells.
Anyone using one?  Does it work well? Problems?

So far I've been thinking Renegade has thicker leaves and would be higher
yield weight wise per bed foot.

Thanks in advance for sharing...

Joel Cahalan
Wild Meadows Farm
Schellsburg, PA

ps: this listserve is great!
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