[Market-farming] Peppers in High Tunnels

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Tue Feb 17 17:09:19 EST 2009

I have a 27 x 70 Harnois greenhouse with roll up sides on concrete floor 
which is thire because it was built as my retail space. It has cross bracing 
at 8' high which is also crop support. The grow beds for tomatoes are 16" x 
6" x 60'.  There is a run of black plastic pipe on each row with a chunk of 
tube supplying water every 16". All water in that greenhouse goes through an 
Dosmatic injector running 200ppm of Peters 20-20-20, all the time all 
year.........well until the injector blew up......as I will be doing much 
less there now I am looking for a cheap replecement. That is run by by a 
$29.00 irrigation controller from Home Depot which is as good or better than 
the $400.00 unit it replaced.

I ran out of tomato plants and  instead of rooting more we stuck in the 
peppers during a spell too wet to be outside. King of the North and North 
Star, they were 3' high. The way those guys set fruit between branches and 
such I sure would not want many cage wires or strings in there in the way.

It seems every market but mine went nuts over the yellow cherries, so I have 
stayed with sweet million. When they hit the supports at 8' I quit pruning 
and let them run or drop down, some make it back to the floor by shut down 
in Oct.


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