[Market-farming] Seedless Watermelon

Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at illinois.edu
Mon Feb 16 21:03:07 EST 2009

Willie gives good advice. Also important, make sure you have pollenizers (bees) actively working your vines to make sure you get sufficient pollination in your seedless varieties.

If you try growing transplants, another caution. Once you've seeded the trays and watered them thoroughly, don't water again until the seedlings begin to emerge. They really suffer when overwatered. Keep them warm, but not excessively hot. They are very sensitive as germinating seeds. But once they're up and growing, you can treat them like any other watermelon.


>I've never had any trouble using "just any" pollinator.  Just make sure 
>you choose one that has a very different appearance.  I like to use 
>"Desert King" mainly because it is so resistant to sun burn and is 
>solid light green.
>Willie, ONWARD!  Through the fog!
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