[Market-farming] Curing, or Cut-n-Plant, potato seed pieces

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Fri Feb 13 11:01:20 EST 2009

OK, I've made a decision to move forward with 
cut-n-plant this Valentine's Day instead of
waiting for cut-n-callous....  BECAUSE of
all your good feedback and opinions. 

Thanks, folks, much appreciated.

Willie, you know a lot more about Central Texas 
as I'm still learning. It's been an amazing year 
of gardening down here.  It's a *harsh* long summer, 
but the Fall-Winter-Spring is pretty darn good growing. 

Roads End/Rivka, letting them green up in a warm
place and pushing up buds/sprouts is one of the
ways I've handled taters in the past.

Though one year I did that with food potatoes
from the organic coop instead of using certified 
seed potatoes.  Turned into the year my taters came 
down with the dreaded Late Blight.... bluck! 

Steve Diver 

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