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Thanks everyone! As you know, the tool itself ranges in price, but it is the shipping that is a killer! The NW doesn't seem to have as many sources for these kinds of tools.  

Any experience with the different manufacturers?   
I appreciate the feedback.

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We have one we bought from Tractor Supply. It was inexpensive but it's effective if you accept it's limitations. You will have some damage, even if you handle it well. But it's minimal. We've used it on small plantings of potatoes, carrots and some other root crops. You can plant in twin rows of carrots and similar crops, run it deep under the twin rows and lift the bed gently, loosening the roots. They're easy to pick up then. Ours is about 10 years old, no problems.


>   Hi -
>   I have a request for you all...I'm looking for a
>   middle buster or sometimes called a potato plow. I'd
>   like your recommendations regarding the different
>   brands. I will be using it to plant lots of dahlias
>   (unless you all give me better ideas). Hopefully it
>   will work to dig them up as well in the fall.
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