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Wed Feb 11 07:24:13 EST 2009

Hey Andy,

A friend of mine had constructed a germination chamber that was pretty simple and effective.  He built a quick frame with some scrap lumber(all you really need are corners) and sheathed it in rigid insulation board.  I believe his box was built off of the insulation dimensions which is 4 x 8.  A sheet for the top, a sheet for the bottom, and sheet cut into panels for the sides.(R-12 is about $25/sheet)  He picked up small plug in electric room (space) heater they tend to be a ceramic element with a small blower and the hardware and home stores are usually selling them cheap around now.  He simply set the heater in the box cranked it up, if there's a thermostat on the heater you'd probably have to disable it.  Moisture wasn't an issue because the flats were moist, there wasn't much airspace and the moisture didn't have anywhere to go.  The biggest management issue was timing.  You had to get everything popped but then get them out ASAP otherwise they'd get lanky quick on account of no light.

Good luck...


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