[Market-farming] Glaser wheel hoe

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Wed Feb 4 11:28:28 EST 2009

Katie, I use a cheap high-wheel type hoe, it gives me quite a workout. I
have been looking for a deal on a Glaser type and Planet Jr.. If you ever
decide to part with yours shoot me an email.


Farmer Breck 

Breck Carden

Carden's Garden

Crestwood, KY 40014

bcarden at breckinridgegroup.com




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i spent a lot on the glaser wheel hoe last year wanting to start off on a
less petroleum-fueled future.  i only used it twice.  it was much easier to
use either the hula hoe (for close to the plants), a lawn mower and weed
wacker (between rows), or a small hand hoe for good precision weeding.  it's
too heavy for the back and forth motion needed for hoeing.  it also needs to
have pretty light or loose soil to work well.
granted, it was a very hectic season for us so i didn't have much time to
give it a better chance, but the bottom line for me was that the hula hoe
worked much better and easier.
-katie (SE Wisconsin)


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