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I use the JD71 unit planter, they use seed plates and are fairly accurate but don't come close to the accuracy of the 7000 series. The nice thing about the 71 is that they are small and I can add rows as needed to a standard toolbar and easily change spacing. They need little service and work best with double disc openers. After planting season the whole planter comes apart for easy storage. I don't use fertilizer hoppers. When you get up to 20 acres or more then the accuracy of a precision planter pays for itself very fast... Bob
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Subject: [Market-farming] planter for sweet corn
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I'm looking for a planter that will work well for sweet corn.  I see a 
fair amount of reconditioned model 71 and 7000 JD units set up for food 
plots, as well as other manufacturer's planters.  Is one type 
substantially better than other types if it will only get a few 
acres/year of use?  Ideally, I'd like to get a 2 row unit. 

Also, is anyone transplanting their sweet corn successfully?  If you 
are, what are you using as a transplanter?

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