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I purchased Brookfield Farm http://brookfieldfarm.org/cps.html Excel
spreadsheets. It has seed per row foot from their experience and various
other sources, expected yield per row foot, and includes what they do. It
figures out how much space each crop takes. You can change the number of
shares and see how that impacts land use. 

Also, Sharing the Harvest has some sample shares. Share size is a real
challenge for me - trying to give the folks good value but also make a

Interesting - I broke my shares into summer and fall, primarily to keep the
summer share under $400 because I thought higher cost would scare folks off.
Two-thirds of those who have signed up so far have gone for the whole $600
package. ($25/week)

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We are doing some planning for a trial run of CSA production. I know the
contents of the weekly share varies with the season and the vagaries of
production, but what guidelines do you all use to buy seed and plan your
planting? How many pounds of beans, tomatoes, greens, leeks, etc, etc, etc,
do you hope to pack into the weekly share when that crop is producing? Can
anyone point to some lists that show this? Much appreciated.

Richard in zone 5, where the snow is deep but the days are getting longer

 Richard Robinson

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