[Market-farming] Introduction

Garth & Kim Travis gartht at txcyber.com
Sun Jun 22 17:03:27 EDT 2008


Garth and I run a small sustainable farm, in Texas, NNW of Houston.  We 
keep Dexters, Gulf Coast Sheep, Rabbits, a few Light Brahma chickens and 
major gardens.  We began selling at the Bayou Farmer's Market this year 
and this is our full time income.  We are working to divorce the feed 
store and be more like the original homesteaders, feeding our animals 
from our land.  We have solar and aquaponics as works in process, 
learning about wind and methane production.  We are slowly building up 
an orchard, so far we have apples, pears, plums and pecans.

A friend sent us a link to your group.

Bright Blessings,
Kim & Garth

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