[Market-farming] Drip tape calculations

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Mon Jun 9 16:36:24 EDT 2008

>Oh my goodness, I think you're on My water system!  Have the exact same
problem with the same promises to fix.  I put in a pressure regulator
several years ago and it helps a little with the high pressure blow-outs
but not totally....

> Our rows are 500' long. I have no idea what our water pressure is, since
> it fluctuates so much. We are in a very rural area, and we are on the
> "city" water. Our town is in the process of building a new water tower,
> and laying new larger lines out this way. Anyway, with our row length we
> can water 6-8 rows at a time. We use low flow, 12" space drip tape. We
> have a shut off valve on each line. This way, if we blow out a line, or
> just have a leak we can shut if off to make repairs without having to turn
> everything off. We've learned to open up more lines than we can really
> water well, just because the pressure fluctuates so much. If we don't, and
> our pressure jumps up, we start blowing out lines. And, if we are not
> around when it happens, we end up creating a lake in the field! We are
> down line from the cattle sale barn in this area, and they use a lot of
> water. If it is a sale day, we have poor pressure. No sale, good pressure.
> A pressure regulator would of course solve those p
>  roblems, but... just another one of those things we'll get around to some
> day!
> With our lack of pressure we have to run our drip lines nearly night and
> day to get everything watered. And, the critters come out at night and
> chew on the lines to get the water. More lakes in the field.
> It's raining today, so we get a break from the never ending watering and
> fixing leaks.
> Carla
> Perkins, OK
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