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sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Tue Jul 15 19:42:15 EDT 2008

> Anyone in the north have any advice on raspberry varieties? We are near
> Boston, on the border between zones 5 and 6. We have had bad luck with
> K81-6, a delicious summer bearer advertised as cold hardy. Not. We also
> have a row of Lauren, which is hardier, but not great. Prelude does
> wonderfully here, but the berries are only so-so. (We also grow two fall
> bearers, Caroline and Polana.) We are looking for a winter-hardy main-crop
> summer bearer to replace the K81-6. Of course, we are looking for
> excellent flavor, large coherent berries, and plants that are easy to
> tend. What do you all grow? (and, to whoever mentioned it, thanks for the
> tip on cardboard as mulch!)
So glad to hear someone else got the benefit of cardboard mulch!  I'm near
the Canadian border, Idaho, zone 5, going on 6 with warming and all.
I lucked into the Best variety.  There was a man in our area that had 7
acres of raspberries in commercial production.  As he was retiring he
taught a class on berry production.  After class he stated that he was
plowing under all his canes and anyone who wanted could come and dig.   I
took 20 plants and planted 40 ft of row.  They spread like crazy, the
berries are enormous with fantastic  flavor and produce from mid July
through end of Aug.   They are thornless, red and supposed to be hardy to
zone 3, developed in Canada.  He said they were an experimental variety
with patent pending, Ogalalla.  The closest I've seen in catalogs is
Canby.  My 20 plants have spread to over 100 ft of row and pump out easily
150 lbs of berries per year and that's with digging out many plants to
sell in the spring.
>                           Good luck....Sora at Paradise Valley Organics

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