[Market-farming] pricing my garlic powder and "buds"?

tonitime at juno.com tonitime at juno.com
Wed Jun 6 11:32:46 EDT 2007

Hi Bill,
    The certified kitchen requirement is a problem in so many ways.  I am
a "fellow" in the Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaching Institue thru the
University - a tobacco diversion program designed to encourage new
businesses for farmers and others in tobacco dependent areas of our
state.  There is a severe shortage of such facilities where they are so
needed.  Sometimes, the State ag boards will do grants for half the
amount.....often not.  The price you mentioned seems low to me.  We
toured many facilities during our 18 months of training for this
volunteer work.  A fabulous thing in Ohio, near the Kentucky border is
AceNet - a cooperative BIG facility that has just about anything one
could need for producing value-added products.  How i wish we had such
around here!  Another negative is that certified kitchen in KY cannot run
off of well water, but requires municipal water (which is just terrible
in our county, being on alert several time a year).  It is just so very
difficult to get ahead, for those who need it most.
      Thanks for your green garlic price.  People here did not even know
there was more than one kind of garlic, elephant excluded!  I sell sold
seed garlics at a farm supply in the next county for the first time last
year.  No one had asked for it before that time -ever.........and it is a
most trouble-free crop with no pests in our area!  That farm supply has
been in biz for almost 125 years!
Good Luck to you,

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