[Market-farming] "organic"

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Mon Jul 23 11:50:16 EDT 2007

It's been my understanding that 'they stole our word.'

Now knowledgeable people tell me that I can legally refer to my 
organically grown produce as 'organic' as long as I do not say 
'organically certified,' which I am not.

My question: is this true? I thought the USDA now 'owns' the word and 
that 'organic' legally means the same as 'organically certified by 
the USDA' if I use it in conjunction with produce. Since I am not 
USDA certified, I cannot use it.

If I could use 'organic' in my advertising, though, it would sure cut 
through a lot of workaround verbage.

Do you know? Who is right? Paranoid me or my new friends who say that 
'organic' is just fine for a non-certified farm?

Thanks -Allan

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