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Here in NJ its a $50000 fine if you are caught selling out of state produce like melons in May when marketed as local grown...  Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

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Are the customers aware that the melon they are buying in May is not a locally grown melon? My guess is no. They don't know. So many people are disconnected from farms and where food comes from.  I couldn't count the times I have had customers ask for asparagus in July. They think because they can buy it in the store year round that we all can produce it year round. My guess is if the market customers were more aware of what "in season" really means your market master would back down from the idea of needing everything all the time.
How many other vendors think as you do? Is it the majority? Is replacing the market master with a more like minded person an option? Some times it is easier to work with what you have, rather than trying to start a whole new market.
Good luck,

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