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Wed Jan 24 09:40:51 EST 2007

Wouldn't that be the same basic reasons for local food? Keeping the
growers' profits recirculating in the local area, keeping the produce
fresh, reducing the fossil fuels that bring it to market? 

paul tradingpost at lobo.net

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On 1/24/2007 at 9:15 AM Allan Balliett wrote:

>I'm really interested in talking our town council into supporting a 
>grower only market here. Although I can find many grower only markets 
>advertised on the web, I can't seem to find any succinct 'grower only 
>market' philosophy laid out, something that I could show the town 
>council, something about how supporting local growers is good for the 
>entire community. I thought there was actually a 'grower only market' 
>advocacy group operating out of PA, but I haven't been able to find 
>hide-nor-hair of that group.
>Can anyone help?
>_Allan Balliett

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