[Market-farming] Interns vs employees

Wiediger, Alison alison.wiediger at hart.kyschools.us
Wed Jan 17 08:34:23 EST 2007

I'd have to agree - hourly workers are just not available here.  It's
easier to flip hamburgers at McDonalds.  We'd have to hire immigrants -
probably illegal ones.  We do enjoy our temporary "sons and daughters".
Three of them will be at the SSAWG conference next week and all three
are hoping to grow for themselves this summer.  That is success going
way beyond "working for us"!


IN West Virginia, there are no employer cost savings in having an 
intern over a worker, unless you are 'blessed' with interns who are 
not receiving compensation on some level. We have all the expenses 
with interns that we have with local hourly help. Anyone who is not 
experienced on a farm can be a drain to productivity. I would like to 
have, but cannot find, professional farm workers. Next to that, I'll 
take interns. They fulfill my biological drive to teach my sons (and 
daughters) how to farm. _Allan

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