[Market-farming] Vegetable Weevil Larvae

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Thu Jan 4 18:16:51 EST 2007

Pam  -

Looking up "vegetable weevil" in Cranshaw's GARDEN INSECTS of NORTH 
AMERICA, I get this under "other vegetable weevils":

"Feeding injury by the larva is more concentrated around the soil 
surface, causing stunting and defoliation as well a boring of larger 

"carrot weevil" = " The young grubs tunnel into the stalks and work 
their way downward into the roots."

Carrot wevil, Vgetableweevil, "whitefringed beetle" are the 3 groups 
under "Vegetable weevils" There is no indication that any of them eat 

I don't know if you were making a joke about the larva reproducing 
but, of course, larvae are incapable of reproduction, unless 
'parthenogenetically' is something I missed out on in bio lab.

I'd recommend that you get the flashlight tonight and spend some time 
out there finding out what eats your plants. I've found worms on 
tatsoi leaves at night outdoors in January, worms you'd never have 
seen during the day. Of course, bt should have 'smoked' them.

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