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Sora, which model did you buy that was so lemonish?  I have a 2 and a 
half year old Epson Stylus C-84 that is great.

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sora at coldreams.com wrote:
>> About a year and 1/2 ago we had a discussion on what printers folk were
> using for lables, market materials etc.  There were several
> recommendations for the Epson line of printers because of their
> "waterproof" ink.  It seemed there were many of you who were using the
> Epson C86 and found them great.
> So...I bought one and have used it for a little over a year.  There were
> always some problems with it...eg...it would start printing page after
> page of question marks and gobbeldygook...or it would be full of paper and
> the prompt would come up no paper and would need to be disconnected from
> the computer to clear.  The cartridges were very spendy and at times it
> would not print and send a prompt that the inks were empty when in
> fact...when shaking them I could hear there was still ink...   In fact
> there is a class action suit going on for this reason.
> In any case, shortly after it went out of warranty, it began to print
> blurry prints.  I followed all the maintenance recomendations which
> includes running print nozzle cleaning up to 3 times ( which used up close
> to $60 in ink.)
> Now it makes noises like it's printing but the pages are blank.  I googled
> the symptoms and found MANY others with the exact same problem, all
> shortly after warranty.
> Any body out there have this problem?   Any solutions?  Any better
> recommendations for a decent farm printer?
>                     Many thanks   Sora, in a perpetual state of shoveling
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