[Market-farming] Scam targeting CSA/organic Farmers

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Mon Feb 12 07:17:59 EST 2007

I pulled this off of the Local Harvest Forum 
(http://www.localharvest.org/forum/). They have not contacted us Boulder 
Belt Farmers yet but if they do we will refuse their "services"
Lucy Goodman

There is a nation wide scam targeting CSA farmers! We (and several 
farmers we know) received multiple phone calls from people claiming to 
be part of a private trust called Debt Free Organic which will give 
small farmers up to 2.5 million dollars to pay off debts and use on farm 
projects. They ask for a donation "to process your application". They 
use a lot of persuasive language- "how open minded are you?" and >"are 
you an information gatherer or do you really want help?" etc... When I 
tried to get addresses, full names, tax ID etc...they got hostile. It 
makes me SICK to think of them taking any small farmer's money!

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