[Market-farming] Sprinklers for beds

Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson100 at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 8 12:22:50 EST 2007

> From: "Beth Spaugh" <lists at rhomestead.com>
> I would appreciate suggestions for sprinklers or management please. I am 
> on
> a heavy silty/sandy loam, and my seedbeds just don't get fine enough to 
> wick
> moisture across the surface from drip tape. I think once the roots go 
> down,

How long are your beds, Beth? I found the same thing when germinating 
lettuce, radish etc in the beds - it really needed a sprinkler. I used a 
cheap oscillating lawn sprinkler to give a rectangular area which covered 
3-4 of my 4' x 20' beds at once. Sometimes from the end of a set of beds, 
sometimes on the path in between them.

If your beds are much longer, maybe one of those lawn sprinklers that crawls 
along a hose on the path between beds would work? Like this:

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