[Market-farming] We got robbed at the market, don't let this happen to you

Tom Circle tcircle at ckt.net
Fri Aug 31 19:49:12 EDT 2007

Well sounds like a really good way to do business!!!   We have used digital
scales at market for some time, but had to put up some customers smirking at
the use of them.  I suppose they are used to some 'ole farmer coming to town
with his hat in hand asking what will you give me for my cabbage?   I
believe that every producer should be selling with a certifiable scale.   I
don't believe in cheating anyone and the first and foremost person that I
don't want to cheat is myself.  Everyone, and I mean everyone of the people
that sell at a market think of themselves and their farm as a business, so
why shouldn't you conduct yourself and your business as a business.  You
don't see any of the grocery stores regardless of any size selling their
produce without a scale and a cash register.  Sorry for anyone's loss as I
have been very worried that it might happen to me also.

That's my thoughts.

Tom,  SE Kansas.....

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