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>> Hey if I was going to have a farmers market where there were lots of
>> campers, hikers, bikers and canoeists. I would make the offerings 
>> ready to
>> eat.  Such
>> as salad packages of all kinds.  Add some variety like spinach,  
>> chicken,
>> ham, fish, etc etc, to the salads. Also sandwiches and some meals 
>> ready
>> to be
>> cooked or just heated.
> Be sure to check with your local Health Department to see exactly what 
> you
> can legally sell.  "ham, fish etc etc" in particular usually have 
> strict
> rules in order to prevent food borne diseases.

In New York State, at least (I don't know if it's federal or by-state), 
you need a processing license to sell "ready-to-eat" salads even if 
they're just greens. (This would make more sense if some of the recent 
food poisoning problems in ready-to-eat greens hadn't been in greens 
that were packed in legally licensed processing facilities. But I don't 
think Ag&Markets is listening to that argument.)

If you're selling fruit, vegetables including salad greens, etc., 
you're not supposed to tell anybody that they're ready to eat without 
washing (unless you do have a processors license and have washed and 
packed them in a certified kitchen): the assumption is that people will 
wash them when they get them home, before eating.

Of course, there's no way in practice to stop people eating 
strawberries, etc., unwashed, before they even get out of the market : 

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale
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