[Market-farming] Spinach contamination

Adriana adriana at chefsgreens.com
Sun Sep 17 03:46:44 EDT 2006

>While bagging surely exacerbates the problem, the problem didn't originate 
>there. Safe handling of manure is critical. Sanitation among harvesters and 
>handlers is also critical. Another example of how?mega-farming broadens 
>risk to greater numbers of consumers, whether conventional or organic.

The producer in question is Earhtbound Farms, a pioneer in the production of 
organic salad mixes.  They got so big that they recently acquired the Pride 
of San Juan company.  Take a look at 
http://www.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/09/16/tainted.spinach.ap/index.html .
The recalled brands are:

. Bellissima . Cheney Brothers . Coastline . Compliments . Cross Valley . 
D'Arrigo Brothers . Dole . Earthbound Farm
. Emeril . Fresh Point . Green Harvest . Jansal Valley . Mann . Mills Family 
Farm . Natural Selection Foods . Nature's Basket
. O Organic . Premium Fresh . President's Choice . Pride of San Juan . 
Pro-Mark . Rave Spinach . Ready Pac . River Ranch
. Riverside Farms . Snoboy . Superior . Sysco . Tanimura & Antle . The 
Farmer's Market . Trader Joe's
It demonstrates how the scale of these operations can be spread 
contamination on a huge scale by virtue of the massive comingling of 
production.  The smaller the operation the less risk of large scale impact. 
Bigger is not always better.


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