[Market-farming] Garlic Muclhing

Jerry and Marienne kreitlow at cmgate.com
Wed Oct 18 14:44:35 EDT 2006

Allan wrote:

> I'm wondering if it's a waste of time to mulch garlic with big bale
> mulch hay. Works good on spuds, but with its solid stems I don't know
> that it would insulate well enough for over wintering garlic.

I've been mulling over the whole mulching for freeze protection/ 
heaving thing for a year or so.  We actually had some cloves fall on  
the ground beside our mulch last year - and they grew.  Not big, mind  
you, but they did germinate.

I'll still mulch because I hate weeding.

Sean wrote:

> To be honest, the only time I had any significant issues with garlic
> emergence, was from over applied mulch.

Agreed.  And I've found this to be specific to particular varieties.   
Our porcelains (Music and Armenian) have no trouble pushing right  
through 6-8" of chopped corn stalk, which can get very heavy.  The  
rocambole we grow, German Red, had trouble with that much, and we had  
to pull a bit off.  The softneck, Italian Red, didn't care for heavy  
mulch at all.  So, now I am selectively varying the depths of the mulch.

Lucy wrote:

> For the past 5 years we have use agripro 30 or agripro 50

I LOVE asking the "dumb question"!  What are these things?

Jerry Ford
Howard Lake, MN
zone 3/4

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