[Market-farming] Buried T-Tape

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Thu Jul 6 06:31:12 EDT 2006

On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 10:23:07PM -0600, marcy wrote:
> Now I have another question for y'all... any good (and INEXPENSIVE) ideas
> for fixing these holes in the T-tape???

"Pin" holes may be plugged.  Irrigation supply places sell "goof plugs" 
that are intended to be used to plug  holes in heavy tubing where  
emitter are not desired, but they can also be used to plug drip tape 
holes.  You can also take short sections of spaghetti tubing, seal the 
ends with heat, and use them for plugs.

Irrigation supply places sell drip tape repair couplings that work well 
and seem to be the most cost effective solution.  Cost is $1 a piece or 
less.  They are reusable.

I used to make repairs by cutting at the leak and sealing the two ends 
by folding and slipping short rings of tubing over the folds.  Then 
poke holes with a nail just past the sealed ends.  Into the holes, poke 
a short section of 1/4" tubing cut with tapered ends.  The 1/4" tubing 
should be inserted through the sealing rings.  End result: two sealed 
ends of irrigation tubing, 6"-12" apart, "jumpered" with a piece of 
smaller tubing.  This requires only a few cents worth of material, but 
takes more labor and is less stable than a repair coupling; repair 
couplings allow the run of tubing to be moved in one piece.

> I've got some that I'm using for a second season (10 mil) that I've been
> battling repairs on. I found a piece of garden hose that I've cut into
> pieces and using for couplings but it seems to be too smooth and tries to
> blow apart.  A neighbor suggested treating the Tape  like heat shrink tubing

Sounds like you may be using too much pressure?

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