[Market-farming] help re house rental needed

Karen Sutherland and Roots Farm rootsfarm at marpin.dm
Tue Sep 20 12:31:42 EDT 2005

Am currently in U.S. and can't return to farm in Dominica until I 
fulfill mission of re-renting my house in SHadley, MA.  Kicker is that 
as I am rather impressively chemically sensitive, I need person(s) who 
live without fragrances, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, etc.  so house 
and organic garden don't get contaminated.  Also, since I return here 
for a few weeks each year, folks would have to put up with my one or two 
yearly visits (bed & bath in separate wing).   I have contacted various 
chemically sensitive folks' groups, but it just dawned on me that 
probably within the organic/environmentally aware community there may 
also be prospective tenants/housemates.  If anyone has any suggestions 
that might help me get my house rented and me back to farm, please let 
me know off-list ASAP.  This is a hard time to be away from farm as our 
best farm season depends on planting done in next few weeks.

Many thanks,


*Karen Sutherland **
**Roots Farm**
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Cockrane, Dominica
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