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I like the idea of using galvanized pipe, but how did you make the arch 
without bending the pipe?  Also, how do you hold your plastic on.  I 've 
thought of splitting water hose lengthwise and slipping that over the 
plastic and pipe to hold the plastic in place.

Mark (West Texas - Zone 7b)

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> My smaller hoop houses are all made from 1/2" galvanized plumbing pipe. My 
> oldest
> frames are 20 years old and are almost as good as new. I could sell them 
> for what I
> paid for them and in all these years I never had a structure fail. Buy 
> quality hoop
> frames from the start you can't go wrong. I have always found that my 
> houses paid for
> themselves in the first year of use. Please don't waste your money on 
> rinky dink rebar
> and pvc they won't last one season after the snow piles up.There is no 
> resale value in
> bent pvc, and rebar brings roughly a penny a pound as scrap metal.
> Don't trust construction grade poly, yes its cheaper but will not last one 
> season.
> sometimes it won't last one ice storm. 4 year poly costs twice the price 
> but will last
> at least 4 years. In northern latitudes 4 year poly can last 6 years or 
> more if it
> doesn't flop around on the frame. Bob.
> Sunny Meadow Farm
> Bridgeton, NJ.
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