[Market-farming] Ants...ugggg

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Tue May 3 17:23:43 EDT 2005

>>> I have a compost pile mainly composed of oak leaves and kitchen waste.
>> Last fall it was 6 feet tall and 12 feet wide. It is now about flat,
>> and I am trying to convert and manage it in three parts. One for
>> current year, one with leaves and dirt to put over food, and one with
>> finished compost to move to my garden beds. There is a huge population
>> of big black ants. They do not bite, but they climb all over you. Last
>> week I tried a pot of boiling water on them, which I plan to repeat.
>> Any other suggestions? Thank you.
>>I have a problem with ants also only mine are the red variety that bite!
 I really hate them since I like to work in the garden
I followed the line-up to a huge colony at the edge of the field and
covered the whole thing with diatomaceus (sp?) earth which is supposed to
dry them out.  I also made a barrior with it between the colony and the
garden.  After a few days it was significantly decreased but not
completely gone.  I'll try the hot mint tea idea.....
           Sora at Paradise Valley Organics  Zone 4 N.Idaho

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