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Tue May 3 15:35:28 EDT 2005


How right you are...we just need to say something about the weather while 
we are adapting! Where is Middlefield? 

Brigette Leach 
Avalon Farms Premium Homegrown 

Hi Brigette,
Middlefield is in Northeast Ohio.  Geauga County to be exact.  I am in zone 5, although I wonder about that sometimes!  I am 1 hour southeast of Cleveland and about 45 minutes west of the PA border.  It is Amish country and I just love it!  Well, up until they just put a Wally World (Wal Mart) store in with all the "nice" chain stores to go with it.  It is or was a nice, peaceful little country town and now the greedy, are getting greedier.  Is that a word?!  And I know the Amish are not happy as this will bring traffic from all over into town.  They are already talking about moving out from accidents with their buggies from us "Yankee's" as we are referred to at times!  And I don't blame them.  People really lose their minds when having to drive around buggies and create a lot of havoc!  Now that I have rambled on, thanks for asking where I am!!!

Herb Thyme
Middlefield, Oh

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