[Market-farming] the best bed shaper

JOHN A HENDRICKSON jhendric at wisc.edu
Tue Feb 22 22:55:03 EST 2005

Alan, Thanks for the perspective and information.  I know the answer to
'why raised beds.'  I've read Coleman and Jeavons and lots of others. 
That's partly why I've been making raised beds!  I was only wondering
how far up the priority list to put a bed shaper.  Are beds made with a
bed shaper that much better than the chisel plowed and rotovated beds
many growers I know use with excellent results?  Answers to virtually
all the questions on this listserve are "it depends."  I just wanted to
hear some positive and negative testimonials from folks on this list
that would help me decide if a bed maker is in my near or distant
future...or not at all.  -John

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