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TxBeeFarmer TxBeeFarmer at HotPop.com
Mon Feb 21 22:09:46 EST 2005

I'll try to get you a picture of each thing I mentioned, but it may be a few
days.  I'm in the middle of several projects that really should have been
finished a week ago!  This one man show stuff is for the birds.

(West Texas) Mark

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> I can't picture it.  You have a digital camera?  If you can send me a
> (modest size) photo, I'll post it for all to see along with my disk
> bedder tomorrow or the next day.
> You probably have experience with row crops (cotton, corn, sorghum,
> soybean)?  I have none.
> Don't know about wind on berries.  I would be afraid of plants getting
> abraded by wind-blown grit.  No more so than with other young crops,
> though.  That much wind can't do anything any good.  I went to a
> weekend race at an airfield near Midland many years ago.  A strong
> sand-blasting wind blew all morning one day.  Due to the stinging grit,
> you couldn't face the wind; you backed into the wind.  To our great
> relief, it settled down around noon.  Then, it blew with equal
> ferocity from the other direction all afternoon.
> "Stick Planter":  My green pea planting was a failure.  Birds dug out
> and ate 90+%.  So far, I have planted 1/2 row of okra and 1/2 row of
> sweet corn with it; about 200-300' each.  Into killed weeds and crop
> residue.  Nothing up yet.
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