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Gloria Anderson Haswell gloria at world-net.net
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I am also going to raise pumpkins for an Oct wedding it happens to be my
daughters.  Do you know about Lumina and Baby Boo.  Lumina is a 12 lb white
pumpkina and Baby Boo is a white minature pumpkin.  My daughter thought they
were wonderful when I showed her the seed catalog.  They are both in the
Gurneys catalog.  I know Burpee has the Lumina.  I don't know the prices but
know they bring a premium price here in Texas when they can be found.

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Had someone email me re buying 100 mini pumpkins this Oct for a wedding.
How much should I charge for 100 Jack be littles or 100 Baby Bear types ( I
don't know yet if she want mini or small).  Then how much of a deposit
should I get.  I have the space for this but I will have to get extra seeds
beyond what I'd grow for my CSA.  Thank-you  and Karen of Green Market Farm
we are neighbors I live near Worcester.  Beth

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