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Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
Fri Feb 11 10:47:53 EST 2005

What really gets me as a roadside/farm marketer, are the 'deceivers' selling produce from off-farm and calling it homegrown.  Yea, sure, it was grown at someone's home, just not theirs.  I/we try to always make the distinction (and often an explanation) between homegrown and local.    

Then, they want me to meet the price of the 'homegrown' veggies at the supermarket.  

Limerock Orchards

Bravo, Pat!

That's a quandary most of us face; we are torn between being 
successful and being honest non-deceivers.  It seems most of us MUST 
chose a grey area between being completely honest and being maximally 

I am tempted here to launch into the question of whether organic 
growers are "deceivers".  I resist that temptation.
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