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It would make sense to keep selling tomatoes. 

Grocery stores have 'loss leaders' (items that are margined down but keep 
customers coming to the store-like milk bread and eggs, Turkeys at Thanksgiving, 
etc.) Each venture like your hypothetical farmstand needs to be assessed in 
totality. Don't just read the accounting books, read marketing and customer 
trend info also, in your field of endeavor and any other market that may effect 
it. Consumers today are extremely sophisticated. Farmers big and small need to 
be aware of the trend paths that consumers are connected to. Consumers today, 
for the most part, are global thinkers. As retailers we need to be able to 
speak the consumers language. Marketing is a well defined language, and there is 
tons of info on the web. 'The New Farmers Market' is a book that I would 
recommend that every market farmer read. 


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