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John Hendrickson:
I think you are right on target and I am glad you asked for the information. I have no problem discussing my gross sales (average $150K/year,last 3 years). I won't discuss net. Singing Pig Farm, Inc. is a privately held corporation and that information is proprietary. I won't go into a deal for less than 50% gross profit margin, in other words, if I run the numbers and  I can't double my money I put my resources somewhere else.
Gross sales is indeed a good place to start a discussion about the business of farming. Many farmers do not know what gross profit margin is or how to figure it but they do know how to count the money at the end of the day. Hopefull the comments that your posts bring out will open some struggling farmers eyes to basic business concepts that can help them succeed. This kind of discussion and information is very useful and therre will always be naysayers who will jump in and say yeah, but its not perefect therefore it's not relevant.
Production issues are rarely the reason for business failure. The most common cause of business failure is lack of business knowledge. I have many friends who are business owners and as I try to grow and take my business to the next level I go and talk to my buddies who are already there. They are always willing to share their insights and perspective which helps to map out the course I need to take to get to where they are now. Hopefully, we can help our online buddies with this list . Your email addres is "wisc.edu". What is your position out in the real world?

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