[Market-farming] customer/vendor ratio at FM's

Mr Lucky steve at mrlucky.com
Wed Feb 2 10:57:09 EST 2005

> If folks are willing, I'd like to add something to this request for
> market info.  I am curious about average and peak gross daily income at
> farmers' markets.  I've collected such information from growers at
> varous markets around Wisconsin and would like to hear from others about
> what they take home after a day at market.  If folks want to reply off
> list, I can compile and then post the $ information without indentifiers.

Isn't it kind of irrelevant unless you know how much it costs to make that
money? I could bring in $500 a day but if it costs me $400 in seed, labor,
gas, etc, what does that figure mean? I could make $200 a day picking wild
grasses and selling extra eggs.

If I could start all over again, I'd never tell anyone how much I made and
I'd lay low if I had really good one. No one really wants to hear that you
had a killer day and it can build resentment. Now all I say is "pretty good
I guess", "not so well, it's pretty slow" or best of all "I haven't counted-
it's bad luck to count before the market's over!"

It's a fine exercise if you want to do it but I hope new or frustrated
growers don't get discouraged to hear their neighbor makes $800 a day
without knowing how much it costs to make so much.


Steve Sando
New World Specialty Food

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