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Allan, see if my resources at http://herbfarmer.net/foodplants.htm get you going in the right direction. Much of it's for commercial production as well as home growing. It's not exhaustive but I keep adding to it. Please let me know if there's something missing you're looking for.  I started this for our own work, but why keep it to ourselves?

paul at largocreekfarms.com

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On 10/24/2004 at 12:17 PM Allan Balliett wrote:

>Adriana -
>You've brought up on of the areas of market farming that I have the 
>most difficultry with also: how to find reliable cultural information 
>on a specialty crop. I mean the out-and-out botancial day-by-day 
>information on how to raise the crop and how to feed and care for it 
>while you are doing so.
>Sometimes I get glimmers of what appears to be other people who have 
>access to this sort of information but I, myself, have yet to run 
>across it.
>The stuff on Johnny's site seldom cuts it.
>Thanks -Allan
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