[Market-farming] Tomatoes after tomatoes?

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Sun Oct 10 07:40:08 EDT 2004

Dear fellow farmers:

I'm stressing right now on where to plant the rye/vetch for next 
year's tomato patch. I know I've heard that 'tomatoes love tomatoes' 
and that tomatoes are the one plant that does well in the same soil 
year after year. My tomato patch this year was in what is undoubtedly 
the best place to plant tomatoes. That's the biggest thing holding me 
to that spot.  I have no concerns about disease and probably even 
less concern about pests.

What do you think about a tomato-tomato-tomato rotation?

We will be planting 2000 plants next season - a mixture of hybrids 
and open-pollinated heirlooms


-Allan Balliett
Shepherdstown, WV

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