[Market-farming] Homemade sheet seeders

miranda at tagoresmith.com miranda at tagoresmith.com
Tue Nov 23 10:17:23 EST 2004

The description below for the plexiglass sheet seeder is quite accurate.
I have made these--with the right drill bit, it's easy. Before
committing to an entire sheet, make a bunch of "test" holes on a scrap
of the plexiglass to determine which hole sizes are appropriate for
which seeds. As Pat said, you'll need a bunch of different "tops" to
accommodate different seed sizes. We developed some other tricks, too,
to make the system work better:

*Use pelleted lettuce seed

*Get some small "C-clamps" to hold the two sheets together. After all
the seeds are in place, loosen the clamp slightly to move the top sheet
over the holes in the bottom sheet. I know this sounds like extra
work--and it is. But until you've got the whole motion down, it really
helps. Plus, it's the best way to introduce it to apprentices.

*Glue some molding to the bottom edge of the top sheet to keep the seeds
from rolling off and away--visualize a couple of hundred expensive
broccoli seeds on the greenhouse floor if this seems like too much
trouble. Make a large hole at one end of the sheet, just above the
molding, and set a small container under this hole to collect any seeds
that roll that way by themselves while you're rolling the seeds around,
trying to get just one in every hole. 

And finally--this DID speed up things a bit. However, after having moved
up in the world, I'd advise borrowing if necessary to buy a commercial
seeder such as a "Seed-E-Z." It's a far better investment--it's a lot
easier to use and will save much more time than the two-sheet plexi

Miranda Smith

Original message:

>I'll try to paint a word picture, because I have seen this but not
built it 
>yet - a this winter project.
>Get two pieces of plexiglass, at least one fairly non-floppy. Lay them
>top of each other, over your flat. Drill holes through both to line up
>hole per cell. Keep the holes small - size for one seed, so yes we will

>probably want several sets. I think the bottom sheet can have large
>and needs to be firm enough to not sag, and just have different top
>for different seeds.
>Anyway, the way it works is to slide the sheets so the holes are not
>up. Sprinkle seeds on top and tilt it up and down to distribute the
>Yes, we need a little frame, which can have a groove to slide the top
>in. After the seeds have dropped one per hole, pour the extras off, so
>frame needs to have an opening, put the thing over the flat and line
>holes up. The seeds drop through the bottom holes into the cells.

I think this is beyond my ability to make (or my husband's).
Thanks anyway!

There are some fairly expensive ($30, IIRC) gadgets out
there.  Maybe someone has used one and can report on them.


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