[Market-farming] seeder

Hook Family ghf at townisp.com
Sun Nov 21 18:33:02 EST 2004

We.ve found the plantet jr and earthway need nice neat soil.  We have rocky
soil.  If tilled nice they work ok we have best luck with big seeds, beans
etc.  Beth
> for a run-on sentence?  The PlanetJrs need pretty clean bed tops and I
> have a need to plant through trash.  The "Stick" planter and the
> "Easy-Plant" might solve that problem; has anyone used both?  Can
> anyone comment on planting speed?  Might they be able to plant an acre
> at 5'x2" in an hour or two?  Or three?  It looks like the "Easy-Plant"
> might have to be hand-fed one seed at a time.

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