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The Planter's Paper sounds interesting though. Have  you tried laying it in strips between rows, alongside plants instead of trying to put it in between plants also or making holes for plants? That would keep shrinkage from covering plants. What exactly is it and where do you get it? Do you need to weigh it down with anything? How long does it hold together without degrading and allowing weeds to pop up?

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On 11/16/2004 at 8:25 AM Wiediger, Alison wrote:

>We have used Planter's Paper, a black paper mulch.  Its main problem in
>high tunnels is shrinkage - as much as 5-6 feet in 90 feet.  That can cover
>plants and kill them.  Outdoors, with sides covered, it might not do that -
>but I've heard that it's hard to lay - tears easily.  We used a new product
>this year made from recycled paper out of NC.  It tore easily, even laying
>by hand, was much heavier, a light gray in color, but didn't shrink nearly
>as much.  Its main problem is its weight.  I'm not sure a mulch layer would
>handle its bulk either - a roll is about 14-15" in diameter and cannot be
>handled by one person.  Both break down very nicely - so much nicer than
>trying to get plastic out of the field!
>We did use photodegradable plastic once, years ago.  It did degrade, but
>just into smaller pieces of plastic - and the plastic stays in your soil in
>some form, literally forever.   It may have been improved in the interim.
>I wish they'd get the paper "right".  Perhaps they will eventually.
>Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm
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>> Are any of you using any paper mulches of photodegradable mulches for
>> growing?  What has been the results of these products in your area?  
>> We did a study using different color plastic's to see the differnt
>> on aphids this year,however being as wet a year we had no aphids that I
>> could find so maybe next year we will be able to see some differnt
>> results.  Used chome and silver both, both raised excellent crops of
>> differnt products that we grew on them.  Would still like to have a paper
>> product that will degrade after a years use.  The plastic mulch is really
>> a lot of work in the fall removing it and getting it to the recycler,
>> year we used about 24,000 ft and that makes a big pile when all gathered
>> up. However I won't try growing without it, it will almost double our
>> production and ease of picking.
>> Phil from Iowa
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