[Market-farming] Mild fall weather?

Robin Follette marketfarmer at thymeforewe.com
Mon Nov 15 05:35:20 EST 2004

> makes me nervous and makes me wonder about global weather changes...

The global climate has always changed.  It always will.  Some parts of the 
world are warming at alarming rates while other parts are getting colder. 
In my 40 years we've been warned about global freezing (1970's, OMG we're 
going to freeze soon!  Very embarassing for the alarmists.) and global 
warming.  This fall I'm leaning toward global freezing in northeastern 
Maine.  We had a cold summer and this fall has been ridiculously cold.  It's 
only November and already it's been down to the mid teens many nights and 
people are dealing with frozen pipes.

I'm a student at UMaine.  This semester I've listen to Patrick Moore 
(co-founder of Greenpeace who's done a complete turn around, 
www.greenspirit.com), David Victor, PhD, 
(http://cesp.stanford.edu/people/2266/) and Christopher Horner (Competitive 
Enterprise Institute, www.cei.org) speak on global warming and the Kyoto 
Protocol.  How quickly or slowly the globe is warming and much greenhouse 
gas emissions are contributing to it depends on who is providing the 

I'd like to see some global warming over my farm this winter.  I dread 
another brutal winter like the last one.

Robin Follette
Thyme For Ewe Farm

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