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Mon Nov 1 13:29:37 EST 2004


Thank you for answering my question about the fertilizer for bulbs.

What advice could you give about growing shallots in the mid-atlantic?  We 
planted them yesterday.  I hope that that was the right thing to do.  We planted 
them 7" apart just under the surface of the soil.  How do you know when they 
are ready to harvest?  I have heard that mulching shallots is not recommended.

Ron Engeland in "Growing Great Garlic" states that it is not necessary to add 
extra phosphorus as an amendment, even when soil is deficient.  He stresses 
the need for nitrogen, but also rich organic matter for large bulbs.
I plan to take his advice on garlic, but what do I do about shallots?  Do 
they like lots of phosphorus?  

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