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> I'm looking at attaching 48 inch wide shade cloth centered at 
> 2o'clock on 8ft long pvc bows on Edey-style 50ft long raised beds. It 
> seems to me that getting in to cut and (god help us) weed can become 
> rather irritating with the shade installed. Anyone have a work around 
> on this? 
> Also, I'm interested in installing overhead misting with poly hose 
> fastened to the hoops. Anyone doing this? What I'm looking for is an 
> emmiter that will mist heavily in an area about 4ft in diameter. Any 
> suffestions? 
> ALSO! (and away he goes!!) I'm interested in sub-soil watering of the 
> established lettuce (actually, lettuce mix) Does anyone have 
> experience with buried t-tape? I hear it will work, but it just seems 
> so unlikely that it really would!! Please share your experience. 
> Thanks -Allan 
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