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Hi Allan,
I should have been clearer -- the radishes helped with the squash bugs not the borers. In a small garden, I was able to control borers by looking *every day* for eggs and even then always had some get away and had to cut them out. But in my larger market garden checking every plant every day is just not possible. So far, though, I've been lucky. As far as flea beatles on the pumpkins, in the past I had just a few, probably overflow from adjacent crops, but the radishes do work well for them.
And thanks for the tip about nasturtiums and whiteflies -- I'll definitely try this.
Bob, Red Brick Farm, Hopewell NJ

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> >I second the idea of the radish companion planting. Two years ago, 
> >the last time I grew pumpkins and squashes, my large japanese 
> >radishes were nearby and attracked the attention of the pests, 
> >including also flea beatles, leaving far fewer on the squash. 
> I must be blessed: I've never had flea beetles on my squash nor my 
> cucumbers!! (Shouldn't have read that mail!!) 
> I wanted to ask: are squash borers REALLY drawn to radishes? Why in 
> the world would they go to a radish? Do others have good experience 
> with using radish as a trap crop for borers? 
> Thanks -Allan 
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