[Market-farming] Re: Manure Karma

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Thu Jul 8 20:09:10 EDT 2004

>  What about you? (Remember: this doesn't involve loading or hauling by
>> the rabbit breeder. I shovel the manure from right where he'd put it
>> if I wasn't taking it.) Would you pay for manure? Do you pay for
>> manure now?
I have paid for manure in the past...up to $200 for a 12 yard dump load of
3 year old composted cow manure.  Currently, I have a good friend with a
horse ranch and we trade.  She usually sells her composted "Garden Gold"
for $20 a pick-up load that she loads with her tractor.   I usually trade
her plant starts and or bread.
Cleaning stalls for her is a tremendous amount of work, and I know my
garden is spectacular because of it.  If she didn't trade because she
needed the money, I would gladly pay.

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