[Market-farming] Re: Flower pricing

Sue Oberle sue at oberlebotanical.com
Thu Jul 8 19:08:05 EDT 2004

Interesting & I don't doubt it, but pricing at .25 points (.25, .50.
.75, etc) saves us tons of time during a busy market.
Not only can you do the math quickly in your head, but I don't have to
deal w/ any change except quarters.

Sue in Colorado

I may have mentioned this before, but round number
pricing is generally perceived by consumers as higher than
pricing with cents.   Prices ending in 5 or 0 are perceived
as higher than those ending in 7 or 9.

Instead of pricing at $ 7.50, try $ 7.33 or $ 7.66 and see
how consumers in your market respond.

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